CyberDetection's interface is designed to be simple and relevant in order to gain efficiency.

This web interface has been designed in particular for integrators and internal departments of medium-sized companies.


The goal is to gather information from internal customers or integrator customers.

After logging into your account from the CyberDetection interface, you can access the general dashboard :

Alerts for all your customers are collected on the Dashboard and can be displayed by customer, site and equipment. These alerts are classified in 3 categories:


  • Info Alert

  • Warning alert

  • Critical Alert

Each alert specifies the detailed description of the threat and the technical solution to eradicate this threat.

Alert history

 A list of alerts is established and can be displayed by customer, site and equipment.

It will allow to detect recurring security breaches and to refine the configuration in order to limit the number of false alarms. 


It is from this configuration that each customer, each site and each piece of equipment will be created. For each piece of equipment, filters (sensors) will be activated and parameterized in order to make CyberDetection's analysis and alerts as relevant as possible. 

From these clients the different sites are derived. From these different sites the different equipment is derived.

For each equipment it is also important to set up filters (also called sensors).


It is therefore according to these settings that the CyberDetection analysis will be made and will be able to send you the most relevant alerts.

Video Presentation CyberDetection Web Interface :

After implementing CyberDetection, our solution will be able to detect internal and external threats to the corporate IT system. An alert will be triggered in the event of a potential threat in progress and it will therefore be eradicated before an attack actually takes place and cannot damage your system.

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