CyberDetection detects threats early to:


  • Prevent them from causing damage

  • Protect from rapidly spreading threats

  • React immediately and in seconds to give technicians the time to intervene without interrupting your normal activity


CyberDetection detects in advance against internal and external threats such as:


  • Ransomware

  • Cryptojacking

  • Escalation of privileges for fraud

  • Damage to the image of the company and its managers

  • Defacing

  • DDOS attack

  • Attacks against cloud storage spaces (with log reporting)

  • Theft and deletion of data

  • Intrusions on connected objects

  • Video camera hacking

  • 0 day malware

  • Negligence and internal malice


CyberDetection monitors in the right place to be efficient and has its server for analysis and sending of alerts outside the company system.

The solution is complementary to anti-virus and firewall protections and is compatible with all the security solutions already installed!

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Where is CyberDetection?

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After implementing CyberDetection, our solution will be able to detect internal and external threats to the corporate IT system. An alert will be triggered in the event of a potential threat in progress and it will therefore be eradicated before an attack actually takes place and cannot damage your system.

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