All stakeholders in the agriculture , forestry and fishing sector are concerned.

Cyber risks in agriculture

With the increasing use of robots, drones, sensors, computers, digital systems and connected objects, the agricultural sector is exposed to new threats. *

Indeed, in 2018, 80% of companies were victims of an attempted cyber attack. **

However, a large majority of these players are not yet aware of the impacts of such an attack on their activity in the short and medium term.


* According to a survey recently published by the United States Administration

** Based on an OpinionWay study on cybersecurity, 2018.

cyber risque dans l'agriculture
cyber sécurité domaine agricole

Ensure the sustainability and continuity of the various agricultural productions

According to the CNIL, it is the duty of each company to ensure the security of your customers' data in all circumstances and therefore:


  • Ensure the sustainability and continuity of the various agricultural productions

  • Protect machines and decision support software

  • Ensure data protection (prevent changes to the results on animal tests or the presence of GMOs)  

  • Ensure the protection of personal data (such as members of a cooperative)

  • Ensure the protection & confidentiality of customer data

  • Protecting against abuse of privileges

  • Secure online purchases and customer banking data

  • Ensure infrastructure protection

  • Preserving the brand image

  • Interact securely


As many ambitions as risks in the face of cyberattacks!

Successful attacks on farmers

A pig farm which benefits from a connected and computer-controlled ventilation system is under cyber attack. The virus affects the computer, which causes the shutters to close and the temperature in the building to rise to 45 ° C. A situation which could lead to the death of animals.

Data security breach can have a big impact on business

  • Non-compliance with the GDPR: legal & financial sanctions

  • Non-respect of confidentiality, therefore relationship of trust undermined with your customers

  • Financial impact : data reconstitution costs, even loss of final data if no efficient electronic archiving, additional operating costs (staff, use of external equipment, etc.) , expert fees to identify the origin and the circumstances of a disaster, recourse costs, cost of IT reconstruction, possible ransoms ...

  • Loss of activity , slowing down of production or even stopping of production, delay in deliveries therefore immediate loss of turnover .

  • Damage to the image and reputation of the establishment

  • Loss of personal information

  • Website unavailability

agriculture et cybersécurité

In order not to become the weak link of your customers, the intervener in the agricultural sphere must know their risks and their adversaries, and this in order to be able to put in place the appropriate security tools :


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