All stakeholders in the energy sector are concerned: electricity distributor, gas distributor, steam distributor, air conditioning distributor, water distributor, solar energy distributor, petroleum company, water sanitation, waste management, pollution control, ...

Cyber risks in the energy sector

Over 80% of oil companies have seen an increase in the number of successful cyber attacks.


If an attack is successful, it could be a real disaster, as energy is essential for the economy and the proper functioning of societies. Awareness is necessary.

sécurité informatique secteur énergie

Ensure the sustainability and continuity of the activity

According to the CNIL, it is the duty of each company to ensure the security of your customers' data in all circumstances and therefore:


  • Ensure the sustainability and continuity of the activity

  • Protect machines and decision support software

  • Ensure the protection of control centers

  • Protect critical infrastructure

  • Ensuring data protection

  • Ensure the protection of customer data

  • Protecting against abuse of privileges

  • Ensure infrastructure protection

  • Preserving the brand image

  • Interact securely


New regulations in Europe and worldwide require the protection of critical sectors.

In France: the LPM (Military Programming Law) and the NIS (Network and Information Security) directive require companies to secure their management IT but also their industrial systems in their diversity.

As many ambitions as risks in the face of cyber attacks!

Successful attacks

In March 2018, the United States Department of Homeland Security revealed that a group of hackers, dubbed Dragonfly, had repeatedly entered its energy network.

The breach of data security can have a strong impact on the activity:

  • Non-compliance with the GDPR: Legal & financial sanctions

  • Non-respect of confidentiality, therefore relationship of trust undermined with your customers

  • Financial impact: Data reconstitution costs, see final data loss if no efficient electronic archiving, additional operating costs (staff, use of external equipment ...), expert fees to identify the origin and the circumstances of a claim, recourse costs, cost of IT reconstruction, possible ransoms (Bitcoins> €)

  • Loss of activity, slowing down of production or even stopping production, delay in deliveries, therefore immediate loss of turnover

  • Damage to the image and reputation of your establishment

  • Loss of personal information

  • Website unavailability

détection menaces secteur de l'énergie

In order not to become the weak link of your customers, the player in the energy sphere must know their risks and their adversaries, and this in order to be able to set up the appropriate security tools: CyberDetection

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