The CyberDetection solution generates:


  • A solution measured & adapted when an incident occurs on company information.

  • The information you need to make critical decisions.

CyberDetection with its analysis server and sending operating alerts outside the company system:


  • Makes CyberDetection solution unassailable

  • Does not affect the performance of the client computer system

  • Does not use a physical box to install on the client network

  • Keep all traces thanks to an outsourced service

  • Collect event logs from companies' server(s)


CyberDetection complements your anti-virus and firewall protection and is compatible with all of your installed security solutions.

sécurité informatique pour TPE PME

At a time when large-scale cyberattacks regularly make the headlines in the media, IT security has become an essential investment for the company, and in particular for VSEs and SMEs , which are increasingly targeted by hackers because very often much less well protected ...

After implementing CyberDetection, our solution will be able to detect internal and external threats to the corporate IT system. An alert will be triggered in the event of a potential threat in progress and it will therefore be eradicated before an attack actually takes place and cannot damage your system.